Welcome to Roshni

Roshni is a non profit making organization working in the slums of Rajabazar, West Bengal, India. Roshni's prime goal is to strengthen the gender justice and women empowerment in the slums.


Roshni group is organizing an all women food festival in Rajabazar with the intention to highlight the girls who even struggle to go outside of their home Roshni is organizing one of its kind food festival in Rajabazar. This food festival is intended to highlight so called invaluable women who cook absolutely mouth watering Mughal delicacies and want to become self dependent in the all men society. This is a purely invitation based programme where dignitaries and guests from all over the places will come and see Roshni's achievements so far. 

  • Children

    Roshni has decided to Celebrate Children's Day in Rajabazar slum with the slum children All are invited to participate actively and give their support us in this journey of creating a free society.

  • Building Self

    "Building Self" a programme organize by Roshni among the teenagers to develop self respect, fearlessness and leadership among them Identity is most essential inquiry among the teenagers as they go through many physical and psychological changes in that age. In Rajabazar children are the most unwanted part as their father hardly care for them and they pick up the wrong things from their also. As a result it becomes very difficult for them to shape them for the good of the society or even to their own family. To prevent such delinquent activities at their early age Roshni developed this programme and on 26th they will present their ideas and present situation in front of the community. 

  • Workshop on human rights in India

    A workshop on human rights in India is the need of the time.